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2024 projects

Volunteers Green Esplanade, Kirkcaldy, Scotland, 2024

Client: Fife Council 

Custom Corten Entrance Signage
Custom Corten Fencing & Gates
Ref 056 Ductile Iron & Hardwood Seat
Ref 297ss Cycle Stands

The Volunteers Green is a well known spot and a little oasis in which to sit and reflect away from the hectic pace of everyday life. It was not always so and several battles have been fought over the centuries to preserve the Green as a place of recreation.

In 1644 King Charles 1st granted Royal Burgh status to Kirkcaldy and gifted 8.172 acres to the fledgling Burgh as common land for the purpose of recreation, bleaching and dyeing. This ground stretched from Thistle and Market Streets to the shoreline and from George Burn Wynd in the east to Louden’s Wynd in the west. The area at the time was known as the common or South Links. Part of it became known as the Volunteers Green when the militia drilled there. The Town Council were appointed Trustees for the ground. In keeping with many towns, as the pressure for housing and factories increased, common land was sold off. Now, as a permanent park area, going under its latest regeneration with Blueton's help. 

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