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2024 projects

SRUC Indoor Outdoor Learning, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2024

Client: Clark Contracts

Custom Movable Popup Bar
Custom Movable Seating Pod
Custom Curved Lecture Screen with Seating

SRUC is making a significant investment in its King’s Buildings campus in Edinburgh that will support an indoor/outdoor approach to learning and enhance the overall teaching and visitor experience. The £2 million project will see two areas of its existing building revamped to create a new, modern reception area and a multi-functional space for learning, socialising, and relaxing. This space will be situated within the existing Quad which is at the centre of the Peter Wilson building. The design and build will result in an improved entrance and social space for both students and staff. The design will also speak to the progressive ethos of SRUC with a decidedly modern, flexible feel.

For more information please call our technical department.

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