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2022 projects

New Cutty-Sark Centre in Ayr, Scotland, 2022

Client: Ayrshire Council 

Ref 084.30mst Single Seat
Ref 084.30mst 2 Tier Seat
Ref 084.30mst Seat
Ref 086.04mst Ribbon Bench
Ref 095.01mst Circular Bench


A new events area in the heart of Ayr town centre has been officially unveiled.
The space, beside the River Ayr at the bottom of the High Street, will be used to celebrate local art, history and culture in a sleek new community building - the Cutty-Sark Centre. A total of £5 million was spent on the demolition of the buildings at 8-10 High Street, site clearance, rebuilding of the historic quay wall, extensive landscaping, and construction of the new community building.

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