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2021 projects

Custom Furniture Package for ICATN in Inverness, Scotland, 2021

Client: ERZ Studio 

Custom Seating with Cycle Parking
Custom Finger Posts
Custom Bollards

The ambitious Inverness City Active Travel Network Programme, consisting of a series of Projects. In September 2017 the Minister for Transport and the Islands announced that all five Projects would get funding from Community Links PLUS. The ICATN Programme has been awarded £6.5m over a three year period. The Inverness City Active Travel Network (ICATN) project is elements of the active travel network across the City of Inverness that seeks to double the levels of cycling. Pictured above is a new link (West Link route) across the River Ness that enables walking and cycling journeys to and from the major sports facility area at Bught Park from the south side of Inverness.

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