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2020 projects

Custom Oval Corten steel tree planters for Rose Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2020

Edinburgh City Council / Mike Hyatt Landscape Architects

Ref 3202cs Custom Oval Corten steel planters

Description: Rose Street in Edinburgh is a World Heritage Site. In the 1950s and 60s Rose Street became well-known as the haunt of a new wave of Scottish poets. Writers such as Hugh MacDiarmid, Norman MacCaig and Robert Garioch gathered with their friends for lively debate, in places such as Milne’s Bar, the Abbotsford and the Café Royal. They often wrote in Scots or Gaelic to revive a distinctly Scottish literary style.

In one of his poems, Robert Garioch describes his anger at having the pub invaded by noisy visitors:

‘Tak me, O Lucifer, frae out this mess.
Hell’s bad, but this is fair abominable’
Doktor Faust in Rose Street,
by Robert Garioch

To celebrate this era, Blueton have been commissioned to manufactured 4no Oval planters with laser cut text from these poets.

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