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2018 projects

Blueton's Corten planters on Capel Manor's exhibit 'Fifty Shades of Gold' wins Gold medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, England, 2018

Capel Manor College

Ref 3202 Oval Corten planters

The Fifty Shades of Gold garden with our oval Corten planters, celebrating 50 years of the college and designed by Julie Dowbiggin, examined yellow and orange plants.The garden showed 50 different yellow plants and looked at the role of pigments, in particular carotenoids and flavanoids, which give yellow plants their colour. "We're thrilled. Because the college is 50 years old, we decided to look at yellow plants and pigments in the plant kingdom. The college has not won gold for eight or nine years so to get it on our 50th is amazing."

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