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2015 projects

Custom Corten Tree Grills for Steeple Memorial Gardens, Bexley Heath, London, England, 2015.

Design: Andrew Clare

Blakedown Landscapes 

Products: Custom Corten Tree Grill

The Council was fortunate to win a grant from the Mayor of London's Office to improve the site as town 'Pocket Park', the aim of the Pocket Park is to provide people in busy town and city centres with green space to relax and escape from the busy urban environment.

Working with experienced landscape consultants the Council proposes to transform the park by:

  • Making the park more enticing to local people during the day
  • Bringing the park's heritage to life
  • Strengthening the presence and importance of the Town's War Memorial
  • Improving connections to the town centre, new road crossings and the Bowling Alley
  • Planting more trees to green up the site

As part of this project and as one of the main features of the park, these tree grills were over 1495mm wide x 6000mm long.

For more information please contact our technical department.